My latest video blog (sorry, I had to cut it down – got a little long-winded)

As a professional real estate agent I am ecstatic over the exposure of nefarious agents rigging outcomes. There should never be multiple representation during multiple offers. It’s absurd that this practice is not outlawed. My brokerage does not allow it nor should RECO. On the contrary there are a few deals that I have been party to in multiple representation and both buyer and seller’s best interests were served. Those clients would not benefit from an elimination of multiple representation, nor would clients in smaller markets, nor would clients in a buyer’s market. Agents with integrity often come across questionable situations and practices. We can attempt to expose them but in the end without RECO stripping these agents of their licenses our profession will continue to be tainted and distrusted. Myself and my colleagues fall victim to the perception of realtors as undereducated, overpaid hacks whose goal is to serve themselves. And with 43,000 realtors in the GTA you can imagine many of them will fall into that category. Even more have not done a deal in the last year. Those of us who have worked hard in our lives, trained for and chose the career, support our family’s solely from commissions and are fully committed to serving our clients, do so with pride. Some homeowners do not need our services and I respect that, others are wholly indebted to me for the services I render during a real estate transaction. I understand the frustration targeted at realtors in general and I hope that our governing bodies will make serious changes to make this profession more accountable.




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