Sandra Waite


“When he designed a pamphlet to illustrate the highlights of my home, I couldn’t believe how he transformed the house. He hired professionals to assist him in staging and photographing the space, modifying my furniture from the practical to an intriguing design…

Trevor really listens to his client’s input and involves them in decision-making. I felt like my expectations were being met and felt empowered to achieve my goal of selling my house.”

Heidi Fillmore


“An über-talented marketer, communicator and web-savvy agent. An incredible job with fantastic results!”

Caryn Charlie (Commercial)

He Really Looks Out For You

“I first connected with Trevor when I was looking to upgrade to a larger commercial space for my dog training school. He responded much faster than any other agent I have contacted in the past and his friendliness and professionalism struck me. I knew I had met someone that would be on my side.

He asked all the right questions, got to know my business, gave me very honest feedback, and helped me to adjust my expectations to a “normal” setting.

We embarked on a journey of searching for the perfect place and we did come close. After a few conversations, Trevor sat me down and was very frank with me. He explained that he thought I would be better off staying where I am for another year and building a little more slowly rather than jumping in and risking too much too soon.

His integrity is rare and his honesty is refreshing.

I didn’t end up hiring Trevor. Why? Because he was right. I am better off staying where I am, and in a year’s time I’ll be calling him back and booking some viewings so that I can build up a little more.

I was so fortunate to have met Trevor and have his guidance before making a decision that would likely have cost me my business…Trevor is the kind of person you want on your side… a person who becomes invested in you and your business, and really looks out for you.

I’m grateful for his services and am looking forward to working with him in the very near future.”